Upitees Testimonials.

“Got my undies in the mail the other day and I LOVE them! Screw social norms – I’m going to live in them. 😉  They fit perfectly and they’re so comfy! Thank you so much.”
-Stephanie K. (size 6)

“I LOVE these underpants.  Underwear success!!  LOVE, I tell you.”
-Joanna D. (size 2)

“No wedgie even chasing 3 kids.”
– Kate E. (size 20)

“Received the Chakra underwear (perfect fit) and my wife loves them. I can’t thank you enough for designing and making them.”
-Alex C. (size 6)

“I was doing laundry tonight (a thrilling Friday even activity, natch), and was putting away my Maui undies and kept thinking how awesome they are :-D”
-Alyssa H. (size 8)

Note from Kori: Seriously.  Upitees will make Friday night laundry awesome. :)


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