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Dear Reader! How art thou? I am feeling silly and excited and a flurry of activity! Exciting things lay on the horizon – lots of fabulous feedback from the mens about their undie needs. I heard a lot about “the … Continue reading

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Eye Candy, Green Birds, & Josef Frank

Hello hello!  Glorious glorious eye candy and green birds this week!  I spent Wednesday morning at Seattle’s Nordic Heritage Museum checking out their Josef Frank exhibit (showing through February 19 – highly recommended if you’re in the area! :)). Frank was a Austrian … Continue reading

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The Why

Last week I gave you the what I do, so this week I wanted to give you the why I do.  🙂  A little statement of belief— I think it’s ever evolving, so I’m calling it my malleable manifesto 🙂 … Continue reading

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Photo shooting!

Too exciting to not share! Whew! What a day! Met up with a photographer friend, Mandy McGee, who wanted to shoot my beloved Upitees in a vintage-inspired shoot. Carmen, Inky and Jina, three super talented and brave models volunteered to be … Continue reading

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Bubbles, Mariachis, and Zigzagging

I am so excited- I’ve been feeling this way for a while. Full of inspiration, like it’s bubbling to the surface and just about to overflow. Every time I turn around, I feel like I’m being fish slapped in the … Continue reading

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Learning to Dance

Looking for some screen printing ideas (I’m dying to do a fox trot screen- I drew one a longtime ago, but it needs some professionalizing… :)).  Checked out Ballroom Dancing, Finest of All Hobbies, circa 1960.  Ended up reading it on the bus … Continue reading

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