Studio Dreams

My current well-loved, I-wish-it-weren't-so-messy-right-now studio 🙂

My husband and I have recently made one of the biggest decisions of our adult lives:  to become homeowners.  So scary and so grown up and so logical (?) in this market and with these interest rates.  And exciting.  Because we found a place we really love, have made an offer, and are waiting to hear back from the bank (we will be until May or so…).

I have to admit that I’m a little bit nervous about all the energy moving and becoming a homeowner is going to take.  How will it affect my business?  How long will it take to get settled in?  Will I still be able to give customer service I’m really proud of?  I’m trying to not over think it, but also trying to figure out what I can do ahead of time to ensure smooth sailing… 🙂  Any ideas for me?  Please comment below!  🙂

But!  The super super fun parts that I’m getting really excited about are:  the garden (I have grand dreams for a gray water reclamation project- I am loving reading The Urban Homestead– scroll to the bottom), all the decorating, and.  The studio.  🙂  Because there’s a whole room with a whole bank of windows just for me and my ideas.  I can’t wait.  I’ve made a board on Pinterest with ideas for sewing studios and details I love.

So what do you think?  I’d love to hear any wisdom you might have about moving or becoming a homeowner.  Any ideas for a badass sewing room?  Please comment below, and, if you pin, please include a link to where 🙂


P.S.  Another big move coming up soon- we’ll be transitioning to our own [dot]com!   Stay tuned!  🙂


About La Vie en Orange

I've been sewing since I was 4. Grandma started teaching me with Barbie and pot holder loops. Barbie had a lot of neon tube tops and mini skirts that season. :) Soon I was taking lessons and making pillows, shorts, pajama pants. Meanwhile I was flexing my entrepreneurial muscles selling homemade necklaces and hair bows at school. Fast -forward 20(!) years, and here I am. So excited to be selling eco-friendly undies and sharing my something special with the world! Thanks for stopping by! :)
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6 Responses to Studio Dreams

  1. buligaia says:

    Wow Kori, this is big news!!
    I’m crossing my fingers for great news from the bank.
    Actually we’re thinking of moving as well, we already live in our own home but it’s time for some change and owning your own place is different here.
    If we’ll move it’ll be the third time 🙂
    I’m actually excited of the thought of moving…starting fresh in a new place and maybe have some fresh and better energies…and I have to say that I love packing and unpacking, decorating all over etc.

    Don’t know if I have any good advice other than marking your packing boxes with what they contain and to which room they have to go, so the movers will put them in the right room and you’ll know what’s in the box before opening…

    So excited for you!! (for all the changes to come :))

    • Adiya! Thanks so much! I’m so grateful for your support 🙂 And love that you love packing and unpacking. Think you could bottle some of that and send it my way? 🙂 Good luck to you and your family as you look for a new space 🙂

  2. Jules says:

    From someone who has moved a LOT recently…you will do great!! Just think of all the purging before the move of unwanted and un-needed extras, which allows for great new catagorizing and organization in that trendy sewing room of yours. I am so excited for you guys 🙂

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