Calling all fit models!

Ladies! It is your lucky day! I am looking for a few fit models to help me make sure that some of my Upitees sizes are up to snuff. Do you want a free pair of underwear? Are you very close to any of the measurements sets listed below? Would you be willing to share feedback with me about how they fit? Yes, yes, and yes? Hooray! I’d love to send you a pair!

I’m working on 4 sizes right now- at opposite ends of the spectrum:

Size 0 – Waist 23″/58.5 cm, hips 33.5″/85 cm
Size 2 – Waist 24″/61 cm, hips 34.5″/87.5 cm
Size 18 – Waist 36″/91.5 cm, hips 46.5″/118 cm
Size 20 – Waist 37.5″/95 cm, hips 48″/122 cm

If any of these match up with your measurements (or if they’re close, your hip measurement is the most important one), let me know! See below for more on taking your measurements. Think you have a friend who might be the perfect fit, please let her know! I’m looking for 3 gals for each size. I have a list of questions specific to their fit I’m looking for feedback on after you take the Upitees for a spin, things like how the elastic feels, etc.

To get your measurements, measure your waist at your smallest part, and your hips at your largest (which is probably more like your bum, 🙂 and is usually about 8″/20 cm below your waist). If you don’t have a measuring tape you can hold a shoelace, piece of ribbon or string, or a laptop cord, around yourself and measure it with a flat ruler to get the actual measurement. Make sense? Just make sure not to stretch said shoelace, ribbon, string or cord. See the photo below of Louloubelle to get an idea. She doesn’t have any booty (she just can’t help it!) but if she did, it would be near where the lower arrows are  🙂

Check out the arrows to get an idea of where your waist and hips should be measured.

I’ll take your feedback and incorporate any changes that need to be made before starting production on these sizes. You will help make Upitees accessible to even more lovely ladies!

Think you were made for this job? Let me know! Please comment below, and I’ll look forward to following up! Make sure you use a valid email address 🙂 Have any questions? Comment below, or send me an email – koriel [dot] jock [at] gmail [dot] com.

Upitees will be sent on a first-come, first-served basis. I’ll hope to have your initial feedback within a week of your receiving them. Thank you so much!


About La Vie en Orange

I've been sewing since I was 4. Grandma started teaching me with Barbie and pot holder loops. Barbie had a lot of neon tube tops and mini skirts that season. :) Soon I was taking lessons and making pillows, shorts, pajama pants. Meanwhile I was flexing my entrepreneurial muscles selling homemade necklaces and hair bows at school. Fast -forward 20(!) years, and here I am. So excited to be selling eco-friendly undies and sharing my something special with the world! Thanks for stopping by! :)
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17 Responses to Calling all fit models!

  1. uma says:

    Yes yes yes!

  2. onetruemango says:

    My hip measurement is a zero, I’d love to try them out and give feedback! (My waist is a little bigger than 23′, I’m not super curvy.) Let me know if you could use my help. My e-mail is


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  4. Emily R says:

    My measurments are closest to your zero size if you’re still looking for girls around there! But since I’m such a weirdo I’m sure your size two would also fit. :] Thanks a million for letting me know about this.

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  7. Laure says:

    I found your site through a comment posted on the Nonconsumer Advocate website. If you’re still looking for people, I match your size 2 measurements!

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