You Down With LLC? Yeah You Know Me!

So today I finished my application to be an LLC!  So exciting and overwhelming and it gives me goosebumps and indigestion!  The brink of something new!  I spent part of the night sharing drinks and yummies with a friend and gushing about how excited I was to be starting this.  I haven’t felt inspired and motivated to share my creativity with the world since college.  I’m so looking forward to all the nitty gritty details- figuring out how much shipping costs.  Making a rubber stamp with my return address and “logo.”  Eventually even designing a logo.  Ordering screen printing supplies.  Getting my tax stuff set up.  Riveting stuff, and I am thrilled!  Hoping to have stock online by the end of March 🙂


About La Vie en Orange

I've been sewing since I was 4. Grandma started teaching me with Barbie and pot holder loops. Barbie had a lot of neon tube tops and mini skirts that season. :) Soon I was taking lessons and making pillows, shorts, pajama pants. Meanwhile I was flexing my entrepreneurial muscles selling homemade necklaces and hair bows at school. Fast -forward 20(!) years, and here I am. So excited to be selling eco-friendly undies and sharing my something special with the world! Thanks for stopping by! :)
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